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OLYMPE Cable, Retractable Fall Arrester 20m with Integrated Rescue Winch

$1,856.00 SGD
SKU: FA2040120
UPC: FA2040120
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OLYMPE cable, retractable fall arrester 20 m with integrated rescue winch

Wire rope diametre: 
4.5 mm

Length: 20 mtr

Weight: 9.20 kg

Breaking strength: > 12 kN

Connectors:  Swivel and FA 50 101 17 at anchorage end, FA 50 203 20 connector with load indicator at attachment end. 

HS Code : 84798997

Conforms to: EN360:2002, EN1496:2017 class B, ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

Approved for a user with a max. weight of 140 kg in vertical use.

Olympe cable, Casing made up of high impact strength Polymer, to prevent breakage.

Comes with Galvanized Steel Wire Rope of diam 4.5 mm. FA 50 101 17 at anchorage end and FA 50 203 20 at attachment end.

Integrated recovery system, the device can be adapted on our TRIPOD (FA 60 001 00 or FA 60 002 00) through the Kit FA 60 001 03, as well as on MultiSafeWay (FA 60 022 00) through the plate FA 60 022 04. 



Find out more about FA2040120 here







Kratos Safety Product Catalogue

Kratos Safety Catalogue


The Solutions by Kratos Safety

The Solutions by Kratos Safety


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