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Attachment D-Ring

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Attachment D-ring

  • Attachment D-ring with integrated webbing (width 25 mm, length 100 mm). The webbing has a 60 mm passage.
  • Has a Steel D-ring (inside diam. 22 mm).
  • This D-ring can be installed on a belt, and allows creating a tool-holding point on the belt.
  • It can also be installed on tools (with the help of self-merging rubber tape), allowing to create an attachment point on the tool (forunperforated tools).
  • Set of 2 pcs.
  • Recommended for attaching tools of 10 kg max., only 2 kg max. when used with self-merging rubber tape.



Length: 120mm

Weight: 34g

Material of components:

  • Webbing: Polyester
  • Ring: Steel


HS CODE: 5609 00 00


Directive 2001/45/CE §4.4.d : "the tools and other accessories to be used by a worker [in suspension] must be secured to the worker's harness or seat or by some other appropriate means".

The use of these tool-holding lanyards (that are not PPE) does not exempt you from the obligation of wearing PPE, in particular safety helmet (EN397/EN12492).



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