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Height Endurance Helmet

$39.00 SGD - $119.00 SGD
Color: Black Hi-Vis Yellow Orange Royal Blue White
Add On Visor (PA03): Height Endurance Visor Smoke Height Endurance Visor Clear
Add On Ear Protector: PS45 Endurance HV Ear Protector (Hi-Vis Orange) Endurance HV Ear Protector Yellow Endurance Clip-On Ear Protector PW47 PW62
Eligible for FREE Shipping within mainland Singapore

Designed to be specially used when working at heights.

Light and comfortable, this peak-less helmet is compact featuring an ABS shell, textile comfort harness 6 points and wheel ratchet adjustment, size 52-63cm.

Improved technical sweat band and 4 points chin strap (Y style) with soft rubber chin protector included.





High Visibility
Colour Option






  • Light and robust
  • Specially designed for working at height
  • Electrical insulation up to 1000Vac or 1500Vdc (EN 50365)
  • 6 points textile harness
  • Wheel ratchet size adjustment for easy fitting
    Hi-Visibility colour for visibility in daylight
  • Chin strap included
  • Compatible accessories available








Material: ABS 

Colors: White , Hi-Vis Yellow , Hi-Vis Orange , Blue , Black Adjustable 52-63cm 424g




ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 TYPE I (Class E )
EN 50365 Class:0
EN 397 (-30°C/+50°C)









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Head Protection
PW rapidly expanding head protection product range aims to benefit our customers by combining the most updated styles and standards in head protection, irrespective of job or location. A wide selection of compatible accessories is also available. A full explanation of features and performances are given in order to help you make a more informed choice.


Portwest Head PPE range applies the latest standards, to deliver the highest level of protection. Comfortable and lightweight, the PPE range will ensure a pleasant wear, even for long periods of use. Your safety is our mission.







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