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Steroplast Healthcare

Sterowash Eyewash 500ml Bottle
Emergency Sterile Eye Wash 500ml Sterowash
Device Registration Number: DE0502133
Sodium Chloride 0.9%w/v Ph.Eur.
Perfectly balanced to match your body's natural pH.
500ml per bottle.
Twist-seal cap.
$8.00 SGD - $9.00 SGD
SKU: 1405
Paramedic Rucksack
Paramedic Rucksack

Red rescue and medical ambulance rucksack, with handles on the top and side for ease of carrying.

Bag dimensions: 56cm x 30cm x 45cm


The choice of the British Red Cross

$180.00 SGD
SKU: 9668
Resusciade One Way Valve
Resusciade CPR Face Shield with Valve

The Resusciade One Way Valve is used and promoted by CPR trained rescuers

Ideal for corporate CPR training courses and for first aid kits.

Offers protection for both rescuer and victim when used in CPR.

Includes printed on CPR instructions.

One way valve.

Single use.

$3.50 SGD
SKU: 9582/25
Steropad Wound Dressing 10cm x 10cm
Steropad Wound Dressing 10cm x 10cm
Non-adhesive double-sided highly absorbent wound dressings, used following operations and surgical procedures
$0.70 SGD
SKU: 3008
Steropax First Aid Dressing Medium
Steropax First Aid Dressing Medium
High quality wound dressings for the inclusion in first aid kits
$1.20 SGD
SKU: 1911B
ambulance dressing
Steroplast Ambulance Dressings

A family of sterile dressings specifically for severe wounds to stem heavy blood loss

Pls Call/Email For Pricing
CPR Pocket Mask
Steroplast CPR Pocket Mask

The mask that makes resuscitation safe for the provider, the one way valve with membrane prevents cross infection

$15.00 SGD
SKU: 9598