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ProGARM® 2000 Kit Bag Singapore
ProGARM® 2000 Kit Bag




ProGARM® kit bag made from robust tear resistant 420D polyester and featuring side pocket for storage of smaller items.

Capacity: 34 litres


$120.00 SGD
SKU: 2000
ProGARM® 2240 FR Kneepads




FR Certified Gel Foam Kneepads designed for use with ProGARM's range of Flame Resistant Garments to improve comfort when kneeling.

Cellular foam rubber for maximum comfort and wash performance.



$56.00 SGD
SKU: 2240
ProGARM® 2678 Arc Gloves 50cal
ProGARM® 2678 Arc Gloves, 50cal




High performance Kevlar® lined leather glove with 100% waterproof and windproof lining to keep hands warm and dry.

The glove is made of three layers consisting of a goatskin outer shell, waterproof membrane and a Kevlar® liner.

The form-fit, ergonomic design promotes superior dexterity and comfort.



$265.00 SGD
SKU: 2678
ProGARM 9700 Arc 4 Hood 47cal
ProGARM® 9700 Arc 4 Hood, 47cal




Premium 47 cal/cm² Arc Flash Hood with integrated helmet and transparent grey visor.

Designed for use in close proximity to live electricity, this hood contains an anti-fog coated, transparent grey visor, a high quality, ultralight helmet for increased comfort and practicality as well as a unique Velcro® brand fastener assembly system.

Made from VXS+ inherent fabric, this Arc Flash Hood won't lose it's protective qualities, no matter how much you wash it.


$1,135.00 SGD
SKU: 9700