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Self-Merging Rubber Tape

$28.00 SGD
SKU: TS9000105
UPC: TS9000105
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Self-merging rubber tape

  • Self-merging rubber tape, which bonds to itself under pressure on any surface.
  • Recommended for attaching tools of 2 kg max. when used with the attachment D-ring TS 90 001 04.





Length: 3 m x 25.4 mm

Material of components: Silicone


HS CODE: 39191080


Directive 2001/45/CE §4.4.d : "the tools and other accessories to be used by a worker [in suspension] must be secured to the worker's harness or seat or by some other appropriate means".

The use of these tool-holding lanyards (that are not PPE) does not exempt you from the obligation of wearing PPE, in particular safety helmet (EN397/EN12492).



Kratos Safety Product Catalogue

Kratos Safety Catalogue


The Solutions by Kratos Safety

The Solutions by Kratos Safety


User Guide

Kratos Safety User Guide




Find out more about TS9000105 here

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