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Antistatic PU Fingertip Glove

$3.35 SGD
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13g Pylon and Carbon Fibre shell which diverts static electricity.

Coated with a durable PU palm for excellent dexterity.

For use in electronics assembly, testing and precision work.



  • CE certified
  • Suitable for use in ESD environments
  • Fingertip dipped for precision handling and maximum ventilation
  • Perfect for intricate tasks
  • This glove can be used with most mobile touchscreen devices
  • 100% Breathable seamless liner
  • Low linting construction for minimal contamination
  • 15 gauge liner for extra dexterity



Materials: Pylon, Carbon Fibre, PU

Colors: Grey/White, Hi-Vis Orange XXS/5 -XXL/11


AS/NZS 2161 .2
AS/NZS 2161 .3
EN 1149
ANSI/ISEA 105 - 2011 Cut Level (1)
EN 420
EN 388 (


ESD Gloves
ESD gloves are used to divert static electricity. Surface resistivity is tested according to methods specified in EN1149-1 but test samples must meet the requirements of EN1149-5.

A wide and increasing range of Hand Protection styles is available. In order to help cater to every need. Only the best materials and manufacture methods are used in the production of Portwests' extensive range of Hand Protection products.



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