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Premium Tig Welding Gauntlet

$12.70 SGD
SKU: A520
UPC: A520
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1 - 2 $12.70 SGD
3 - 4 $12.50 SGD
5+ $12.20 SGD

The ultimate in dexterity for welders.

Soft, flexible goatskin palm with heavy duty split leather cuff.

For use in type B (Tig Welding).

Stitching made from para-aramid throughout.


Material: Goat Skin, Cow Split Leather, Para-Aramid

Color: Grey, L/9 - XXL/11


EN 420
EN 388 (
EN 12477 Type B



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Higher levels of protection are needed when a worker is dealing with extremely hot temperatures and heated materials. The Portwest Weld range has an expanding selection of hand protection solutions suitable for all welding and thermal risk.




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