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YULEYS Reusable Boot and Shoe Covers

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Say goodbye to dirt and grime and say hello to YULEYS® from HexArmor, the reusable, slip-on boot cover that’s helping even the dirtiest jobs clean up their act.

The typical disposable booties are slippery, expensive, and after spending one day on the job, they spend a lifetime in a landfill.

YULEYS can be easily slipped into and used thousands of times, while providing greater traction and protecting customers floors.




The YULEYS Solution

Designed to help you get your work done quickly and efficiently without making a mess.

Made of durable, long lasting, industrial-grade SEBS rubber.

YULEYS now accommodates 2” heels commonly used in telecommunications utility market.




  • Hands-free on-and-off usage
  • Slip-reducing tread design
  • Heel locking grip system
  • Universal fit for all work boots/shoes
  • Reduces effects on landfills



Industrial-strength footwear for any industry.

Industrial Safety and Hygiene:

Wear YULEYS® when entering sanitary work areas such as cafeterias, clean rooms, offices or boardrooms, and protect those environments from your wet, dirty or contaminated work boots.

Service Contractors:

Entering people’s homes is an essential and everyday part of a service contractor’s job, and YULEYS minimize the dirt and debris tracked into homes, which maximizes customer satisfaction.

Food Processing/Agriculture:

Maintaining a clean environment is crucial in food manufacturing and processing plants. YULEYS not only keep dirt and contaminants off the floor, but the industrial grade rubber inhibits bacterial growth, is odor resistant and disinfects easily.

Pharmaceutical/Electronics Clean Room Environments:

In precision manufacturing areas, keeping the mud off the floor simply isn’t enough. Contaminants must be kept out of clean rooms, without exception. With approvals pending for anti-static, conductivity environments as well as sterilization requirements (e.g., autoclaving), there will soon be no reason to ever have to rely on disposables.


YULEYS Cost Savings

Save money by replacing disposable booties with YULEYS reusable work boot covers.

On average, a box of disposable booties costs $10 for 100 pairs.

If 1 worker enters a residence on average 7 times a day that would be $0.70 per day, multiply that by 5 days a week, and you’ve got $3.50 per week.

Multiply that with 48 working weeks a year, and your grand total is $168/year.

YULEYS are reusable, making them not only more cost effective, but also environmentally friendly.



YULEYS Are Hands-free

YULEYS hands-free design allows you to easily slip them on and off without bending over or using your hands.

Once on, the patent-pending design includes a heel-lock system that keeps them firmly on your feet, and the slip-reducing tread keeps your feet firmly underneath you for a more confident step on wood, tile, linoleum and other surfaces.



Leaner. Cleaner. Greener.

Millions of pairs of booties are disposed of every day, which really adds up fast.

YULEYS are made with industrial grade recyclable rubber and built for heavy use.

And if they ever need to be replaced, they can be easily recycled and given another life.

Which gives us yet another reason to feel good about wearing them.




Just Your Size

Universal sizing guidelines make it easy to find the YULEYS® to fit your work boot or shoe.

When trying to determine your YULEYS size, measure the sole of your footwear from heel to toe.

When measured correctly, your YULEYS will fit snug.



YULEYS Brochure and Size Guide

YULEYS Brochure


HexArmor Product Catalogue

HexArmor Product Catalogue


HexArmor Hand Safety Handbook

HexArmor - Hand Safety Handbook



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