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Ultra Vista Goggle Unvented

$21.50 SGD
Eligible for FREE Shipping within mainland Singapore

Can be worn over
prescription glasses
and dust masks



Non-vented premium level goggle.

Excellent protection against large dust particles, fine dust particles, gas and liquid splashes.

Excelled when tested for high impact resistance and extreme temperatures (ranging from –5°C to +55°C).

Can be worn with prescription glasses.

Compatible with the PW23 shield, increasing the level of face protection for the wearer.




  • CE certified
  • Anti-scratch high level treatment coating, certified and marked with K on the lens
  • Anti-fog high level treatment coating, certified and marked with N on the lens
  • Single panoramic lens glasses
  • Can be adapted to be used over prescription glasses


Material: Polycarbonate

Colors Available: Clear



EN 166 (1 BT 3 4 5 K N)
EN 170 (2C-1.2 )


View the complete Portwest Head PPE range here

Portwest Catalogue - Head PPE Range


Eye Protection
PORTWEST eye protection range includes spectacles, safety goggles and visors, designed to protect the eyes and face of the workers from injuries which may occur during working activities. TECHNICAL SPECTACLES: High performance and cutting edge styles. SPORT SPECTACLES: Light weight and modern design. CLASSIC SPECTACLES: Essential PPE safety eyewear styles.

Portwest Head PPE range applies the latest standards, to deliver the highest level of protection. Comfortable and lightweight, the PPE range will ensure a pleasant wear, even for long periods of use. Your safety is our mission.





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