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HexArmor NXT 10-306 Food Processing Gloves

$56.00 SGD - $64.00 SGD
SKU: NXT 10-306
UPC: NXT 10-306
Unit Price: Price Per Pair
Qty Unit Price ()
1 - 3 $64.00 SGD
4 - 7 $60.00 SGD
8+ $56.00 SGD


The NXT™ Series is the first product line to utilize HexArmor's TruShield® Design Performance platform, a ground–breaking armor platform that obliterates current recognized industry standards for cut, puncture, and abrasion–resistance. NXT™ products take high dexterity gloves to another level of comfort, feel, and high performance protection that other products cannot match.



  • SuperFabric® brand material and Coretek® fiber provide 5x more cut–resistance, and 11x more abrasion–resistance of traditional HDPE gloves
  • Shielding design of fibers and SuperFabric® plating reduce ability of sharp objects and burs from penetrating and causing injury
  • Quadstretch design technology provides incredible feel compared to other bulky cut–resistant gloves
  • Coretek® fiber keeps hands cool & comfortable while providing best–in–class dexterity and all around cut protection
  • Designed to be worn under standard nitrile, latex, or vinyl glove
  • 10-306 sold in pairs, 10-307 sold in eaches
  • Machine wash warm, tumble


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