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Elite Bags SUIT&GO Multidisciplinary Bag

$243.00 SGD
SKU: EB00.011
UPC: EB00.011
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Large capacity and multidisciplinary bag that fully meets the needs of chiropodists or others professionals that offer home care services.

Its special interior design allows its use as if it were a work table, with both internal removable compartments and a large space to accommodate material, instruments or more bulky devices, as a micromotor.




  • Frontal panel with three amples pockets, two spaces for documents and two zippered mesh pocket pockets.
  • Internal space divided by a central flap with a zippered mesh pocket very resistant on one side and elastic rubbers, two small zippered pockets and a removable case for set of instruments on the other side.
  • Five removable compartments of different sizes, four of them with transparent window.
  • Ribbons that protect the largest objects
  • The central flap create two spaces: working space for the microengine and medical care space.
  • Removable case for set of instruments or worn-out material.
  • Band of trolley and identifying card wallet and one handle with magnetic closure. (Trolley not included; available for sale separately)
  • Contents NOT included
Technical data:

Weight: 3.2 Kg

Dimensions: 16 x 42 x 32 cm

Recommended maximum content (Kg): 5


Color: Grey



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