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Practi-Man Advance CPR Manikin (Single Pack)

$215.00 SGD
SKU: MB-001(AD)
UPC: MB-001(AD)







2 in 1
Adult and child CPR training with a single manikin. Light and easy to carry
Exclusive breathing system
Including a unique functional nose.
Jaw Thrust
Includes the jaw thrust maneuver.
AED Training
The pads leave no residue on the skin.
Audible clicker.








  • CPR Simulator
  • User Manual
  • 5 lungs and 2 valves
  • 1 Head locking clips set (Left – right)



During the training session, individual use of the complements is recommended.

The valve system helps prevent possible infections during training.

It is advisable to change the lung after each training session and clean the valve according to the instructions in the manual.



User Manual

Practi-Man CPR Manikins