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The Bag II Adult Disposable Resuscitator Laerdal

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SKU: 845141
Eligible for FREE Shipping within mainland Singapore
Comes with #4 mask.
Due to an increased demand for the swivel function, Laerdal has incorporated the feature back into the BAG II, which swivels a full 360 degrees!
-   Disposable
-   Transparent PVC Construction
-   Swivel elbow - swivels a full 360 degrees
-   Latex-Free
-   Adjustable Hook and Loop Handle
-   Reinforced Non-kink O2 Tubing
-   Closed System Oxygen Reservoir
-   Universal Star-Lumen Oxygen Tubing
-  Single use, helps reduce risk of cross contamination
-  No loss of reusable inventory
Temperature Range
-   Performs well in both high and low temperature conditions
-   Operating temperature 0-122o F (-18-+50oC)