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Bullard Better After Fire Wipe

$4.90 SGD
SKU: DW203020
UPC: DW203020
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Packing: 1 Single Wipe Per Packet
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Thanks to its scientific formula, the Better After Fire wipe removes dirt and soot with ease from skin and objects.

It is used directly on scene and reduces impurities on wrists, hands, face, ears, jaw and neck.

It cleanses without drying out the skin.

It can also be used to wipe other contaminated areas after an event.



The Better After Fire Wipe – scientifically formulated and scientifically proven to help remove the risk of carcinogens and bacteria thanks to the added ingredient, a proactive compound that defends against hydrocarbons such as soot and dirt with ease.

✔ scientifically tested and proven effectiveness
✔ for direct use on scene
✔ for skin and objects
✔ cleanses without drying out the skin
✔ either hygienically individually packed (DW203020) or as a practical multi-pack (DW403020)
✔ 100 % biodegradable



Scientifically tested and proven on:

  • 17 of the most toxic Chlorinated Dioxins
  • 8 of the most toxic PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
  • Removes > 91 % of Benzoapyrene
  • dermatologically tested with excellent rating






  •  Scientifically tested and proven effectiveness
  •  For direct use on scene
  •  For skin and objects
  •  dermatologically tested by DERMATEST with excellent rating
  •  Either hygienically individually packed or as a practical multipack
  •  100% biodegradable





The recognition of carcinogens remaining on personal protective equipment (PPE) has resulted in a structured cleaning approach for potentially contaminated kit in Fire and Rescue Services but what about the person wearing this PPE?

Global studies have demonstrated that fire fighters are facing the risk to develop cancer. If there is continuous exposure through a failure to properly clean off contaminants the risk is even higher.


The Better After Fire Wipe is for use on scene.






Frequently Asked Questions


Why do firefighters need the Bullard Better After Fire Wipe?

Cancer is the number 1 killer of firefighters. *

Our skin absorbs around 400 percent more pollutants with every 5°C rises in temperature. Therefore, firefighters are exposed to unique health risks both during and after a call. The sooner you minimize these risks, the better. Ideally, you should not only clean and decontaminate your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other gear immediately, but also your face, neck, hands, and other skin areas on which bacteria and carcinogens, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), can settle.

You can reduce contamination directly on-scene, gently, and without drying out your skin. The effectiveness of the Bullard Better After Fire Wipe for first responders has been scientifically tested and proven.”

*International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)



Can the Bullard Better After Fire Wipe remove the odor from my fire helmet, thermal imaging, and other equipment?

Yes. Bullard Better After Fire Wipe can remove impurities and cleans without damage to your fire helmet, thermal imaging camera, or other equipment. It is safe to use on composites, polymers, plastic, rubber, EPDM, metals, silicone, PVC.



What is the Bullard Cares mission?

Our vision is to advance human safety to enable long, healthy, productive lives through innovative solutions.

In the emergency responder market, Bullard has been protecting the firefighter and helping them go home safely for over 90 years. And, now we have broadened our mission of helping protect the firefighter as a whole, including cancer mitigation and overall firefighter health. It is Bullard Cares mission.

Bullard Cares Logo



Is Bullard Better After Fire Wipe effective against coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Bullard Better After Fire Wipe is scientifically proven to remove the most toxic and waterborne contaminants from the skin.

Bullard Better After Fire Wipe is not a cure for COVID-19; however, the wipes contain ingredients with anti-viral properties, including chemical formula C6H8O7. The wipe’s other ingredients are “soap-like” chemicals known as “surfactants”. Surfactants disturb the virus's structure helps against the virus spreading.

World Health organization's advice to the public is to regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. This eliminates germs including viruses that may be on your hands. Bullard Better After Fire Wipe contains a mixture of solvents, soaps, and water together with other active anti-viral ingredients that enable our wipes to be used as a source of contamination control and general hygiene where soap and water are not available.



What is Dermatest® GmbH? What does “Excellent” mean?

Dermatest® GmbH is an internationally renowned company based in Germany that tests products for dermatological tolerance. The wipe has been declared dermatologically “excellent”. The test was conducted according to internationally recognized guidelines of ICDRG (International Contact Dermatitis Research Group). In conclusion, using Bullard Better After Fire Wipe to remove harmful toxins from the skin will not cause any unwanted skin reactions or irritations, no matter your skin type.




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