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Base Rally Safety Shoe S3 SRC

$228.00 SGD
SKU: B0627
UPC: B0627
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  • Anti-static footwear
  • Shock absorption in the heel region
  • 200 joules resistant toe-cap
  • Hydrocarbons resistant
  • Puncture resistant sole
  • Water resistant upper to prevent water penetration
  • Orthopaedic made to measure footbed, complying with european norms DGUV112-191
  • 100% metal free
  • Men’s width
  • Women’s width









Collection: Record

Upper: Water-Resistant Waxy Leather

Lining: SmellStop Antiodor and Antibacterial*

Midsole: Fresh’n Flex

Toecap: SlimCap

Sole: Antifatigue AirTech + Tpu-Skin

Color: Black/Grey, Euro 36-47, UK 3-12, US 4-13





EN ISO 20345 S3 (SRC)






A breath of fresh air with Dry’n Air®


One of the most important characteristics for a professional shoe is a good thermoregulation capacity. Wearing for many hours a day shoes that promotes the exchange of air improves your working day.

Base Protection designs breathable shoes, thanks to the Dry’n Air insole, a system patented by its engineers to obtain air circulation inside the shoe. This thermoregulation system can be integrated in the sole (Platinum Line) or in the removable anatomic insole.

Dry’n Air technology improves the quality of perspiration and keeps the foot dry even after a great load of stress, a condition that increases sweating.

The Base Protection breathable safety shoes with Dry’n Air technology push the moisture generated by sweat out of the footwear, improving the internal microclimate and the well-being of the foot, which remains dry and cool even in the presence of high temperatures. The high performance of the Base Protection breathable shoes is combined with a modern design, making them pleasant to wear even outside working hours.












Airtech + Tpu-Skin is an exclusive technology, patented by Base Protection, to reduce the outsole’s hard and compact thickness to 0.2 mm.

The result is an increased elasticity of the safety shoe and a cushioning and anti-fatigue effect. 

Reducing the outsole allows to obtain more space for AirTech, the soft and elastic layer that cushions and promotes the best distribution of body weight

The greater elasticity and less pressure on the metatarsus make you feel like walking on a soft pillow.




The anti-fatigue effect of Base Protection shoes is even increased with Tpu-Skin Ultraflex, the technology that guarantees high flexibility to further reduce foot stress.









Lightness is a fundamental requirement for those who wear safety shoes for 8 hours a day. Often, however, safety shoes, even respecting the safety standards set by the regulations, are heavy and damp, causing discomfort to the foot. For this reason, Base Protection has designed the non-metallic SlimCap toe cap.


The weight of normal safety shoes can be up to 750 grams. Thanks to SlimCap and other technologies, Base Protection footwear can weigh up to 480 grams, while maintaining the safety parameters unchanged.

With SlimCap, the external dimensions of the Base Protection shoes are significantly reduced, with a 35% decrease in thickness compared to market standards. However, this reduction does not affect the performance of the safety shoes, which are guaranteed from -40 ° to 60 °.

The non-metallic SlimCap toe caponly 6.5 mm thick, is not only smaller and lighter than those normally used but is also elasticnon-magnetic and heat-insulating.

Lightness and comfort are also guaranteed by the protective band, which is perfectly adherent and shaped to the toe cap, avoiding the risk of detachments that causes pressure on the foot, and consequent pain to the toes.







One of the most important technologies applied to Base Protection shoes is SmellStop, a particular anti-odor lining that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms responsible for bad odors and fungi.

With SmellStop, Base Protection has made its safety shoes anti-odor and antibacterial*, ensuring maximum foot protection.

Thanks to the SmellStop permanent antibacterial* treatment, the risks of infections and fungi caused by sweat are drastically reduced, since the innovative lining recreates a healthy environment inside the shoe and a constant dry microclimate, ideal conditions to give well-being to the foot.

The advantage of Base Protection’s SmellStop technology lies in the fact that the antibacterial* treatment does not have an expiration date but is effective for the entire lifespan of the safety shoes, carrying out a constant action.

Thanks to SmellStop, the Base Protection anti-odor safety shoes are comfortable and light even when worn for many hours a day.

The SmellStop lining keeps the foot dry, gently wrapping it with maximum wearability. In addition to SmellStop, what makes Base Protection safety shoes breathable and anti-odor is the Dry’n Air technology, based on an air ducts and holes system in the sole, which allows the moisture generated by sweat to be pushed out of the shoe, maintaining a constantly dry and cool internal microclimate.

*Treatment made with biocide Zinc pyrithione (CAS-No.13463-41-7) product type PT 09 who counteracts the deposit of microorganisms on the surface of materials.










Base Catalogue and Size Chart

BASE Catalogue









'Record' antifatigue footwear that offers an answer to the demand for lightweight design.





Comfort is what has inspired Base Protection since its first day of activity. The company produces safety footwear, combining technology and functional requirements, to respond to professional and more demanding clients.








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