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Bullard H1500 Firefighting Helmet

$390.00 SGD
SKU: H1500
UPC: H1500
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Outer shell

  • Protection from heat, impact and penetration.
  • Helmet Type A, half-size shell according EN443:2008, Glassfiber-Composite, lightweight and resistant to chemicals, heat flames, impact, penetration and aging.
  • 3-layer paint system, luminescent yellow, stabilized against UV waves with reflective stripe as a standard.
  • One helmet size fits head sizes 52-64cm


Inner shell

  • Made from HD-PUR, reinforced and covered by an inner plastic shell for easy cleaning.
  • Full-surface impact protection and insulation against heat all over the entire helmet inside.
  • Inner and outer shell detachable for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Adjustable 4-point crown straps


Headring and adjustments

  • Headring made from HD-Nylon, rear side offset by 45° for perfect and safe fit.
  • Ratchet system with a big and low positioned knob, easily accessible for quick and easy adjustment to all head sizes 52-64cm.
  • Large adjustment ratchet, easily adjustable with one hand, with the helmet on and even when wearing gloves.
  • Sophisticated system for adjusting height and inclination.
  • Crown cushion and fabric of soft, flame-resistant Nomex.
  • Removable with no tools and easy to clean. Separately available as spare part.


Chin strap

  • Chin strap with 3-point attachment made from Nomex with quick release buckle.
  • Widely adjustable for all kind of head sizes.
  • Adjustable on both sides, neck strap adjustable by central folding buckle
  • Option: chin cup strap



  • "Plug and play" system for quick and easy assembly and removal.
  • Clear visors for the use by fire fighters and rescue teams, mesh visor.
  • One type of visor, two different length: 10 and 15cm.
  • Antifog and antiscratch coating as a standard
  • All components separately available as spare parts


Neck Protector

  • Made of Nomex with inner lining to protect the neck, ears and parts of the cheeks against flames, sparks, steam and liquids.
  • Tight, flush insertion with Velcro.
  • Alternatively “Dutch Era Neck Protector” according HuPF


Light and Radio

  • Universal adaption system to take all common types and models of torches and radio systems.
  • Torch attachment via a torch fastener and elastic straps in different sizes takes any torches’ shape and diameter.
  • Torch fastener pivotal and detachable, positioned below the eye line.
  • Universal radio adaption made from an adapter and a radio fastener.
  • Radio fastener can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.
  • Both adaption systems fit left and right.
  • Helmet mounted torches with and without Atex. Small, light weight, strong and long performance


Bullard helmets do NOT come with a mandatory date of expiry


Weight: approx. 900g


EN443:2008 Helmet and Accessories
EN14458:2004 Visors
EN469 Neck Protector and Dutch Ear Neck Protector




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