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StatPacks® G3 LOAD N' GO

$390.00 SGD
SKU: G35004
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StatPacks has been changing the way Emergency Clinicians think about carrying their gear for 15 years. EMS has been an evolving science since its inception on the battlefields of WW1. Gone are the bulky, black-hole bags, unwieldy tackle boxes and old school nylon. A new era has been ushered in…Seconds are precious and we’ve got to be fast, organized and above all else, safe.

Relying on advanced ergonomics, intelligent design, and superior quality materials, StatPacks keep the medic’s hands and mind free to handle the unexpected. Statpacks' smart and compact medic packs reduce injuries and improve efficiency on the scene. StatPacks fuses advanced sports-mountaineering know-how from the outdoor industry, with practical ideas from the front lines of emergency medicine. This fusing of disciplines allows Statpacks to provide gear that is not only functional, but ensures comfort and a minimum amount of stress on the medical professional. Statpacks believe that every ounce of weight and wear on an EMT’s back must be justified through their products clinical effectiveness.



The Load n’ Go is an ideal medic backpack for fixed wing and critical care transport, ambulance and fire engines.

No other medic backpack keeps equipment more organized and quickly accessible thanks to thoughtfully designed transparent sleeves, mesh pockets, and elastic holsters that are arranged in three layers.




  • Unique design allows access to the main compartment from the top or front of this Transport Medic Backpack
  • Specifically designed to hold StatPacks Generation 3 Emergency Medical Services Kits; including all StatPacks® First Aid QuickRoll intubation, Remedy, and Circulatory kits
  • QuickZip access to front compartment for quick access to Emergency Medical Equipment
  • Tarpaulin bottom panel for protection from abrasion and the elements
  • Clear, durable urethane windows, mesh pockets, and elastic holsters keep contents in place and well-organized
  • Added more durable reflective material that has a protective outer mesh cover which shields it from wear and tear. Helps with visibility in nighttime situations (Not included in Tactical Black)
  • Removable adjustable inside divider for customized organization
  • Foam molded shoulder straps that allow for comfortable transport of most emergency medical equipment.
  • Internal Velcro® lining strips to secure modules or other Velcro® compatible items to secure ambulance equipment
  • LED light Attachment point (lights sold separately)
  • Unique foam lined design keeps all Emergency Medical Equipment inside protected from breakage or the elements
  • Side pockets for easy access to vital sign tools, bandages, and smaller ambulance equipment
  • A quick stash pocket for trash and extra supplies located in the outside front
  • ID window to label any way you want to identify between other Transport Medic Backpack’s
  • Main fabric is Tarpaulin with a one ounce urethane coating for an easier clean and protection from the elements and BBP’s
  • Contents NOT included
  • Modules, cells and kits are sold separately
  • Capacity: 2600 in3
  • Dimensions: 7 x 19 x 20 in
  • Weight: 4.5lbs
  • Available colors: Red, Blue, Green, Black





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