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HexArmor SharpsMaster HV 7082 Gloves

$77.00 SGD - $85.00 SGD
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UPC: 7082
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1 - 8 $85.00 SGD
9 - 19 $81.00 SGD
20+ $77.00 SGD


HexArmor® sets the industry standard for needle protection with solutions for a variety of applications.

HexArmor's needlestick resistant products do more than pass industry-accepted testing methods; HexArmor® put them through real-world applications countless times, with a history of undeniable success.

The accepted standards of testing do not account for the many variables employees face on the jobsite, so HexArmor® created their own tests, mirroring the conditions and hazards that the users face.




  • Some of the highest needlestick resistance available provided by the layering of SuperFabric® brand material
  • Tested using actual 25 gauge needles against ANSI/ISEA 105 standard
  • Highest level of cut resistance on noted enhanced areas, ANSI/ISEA Cut Level A9 and Needlestick Level 4
  • Single-glove needle solution with incredible dexterity and comfort
  • Flat nitrile three-quarter knuckle dip
  • Launderable











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