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BIG Operations Control Organizer Folder

$230.00 SGD - $275.00 SGD
UPC: 2684
Color: BIG Operations Control Organizer Folder Black
Add On: TABLET-FLAP tablet holder (TE05.075)

Easy to clean organizer for documents up to DIN A4 format in upright format designed for mobile documentation.

  • new: exterior made of easy-to-clean Tarpaulin
  • well-organized: ring binder and colour coded document pocket in DIN A4 format
  • versatile: variety of four colours and lots of possible applications





Sufficient space, good overview of important documents or forms and providing a comfortable solution for writing during operations - this is what the BIG Operations Control Folder is made for!

According to the motto "find instead of search" the BIG Operations Control Folder is tailored to the needs of documentation and information during operations.

Documents and forms can be sorted easily into five colored compartments in Din A4 format and provide clear view at all times.

These features allow you to order documents topic-related and to find them easily and quickly when you need them.

Thanks to the integrated ring binder and generous width of the organizer, even folders with filing strips can be stored





  • exterior made of low maintenance, easy-to-clean tarpaulin
  • interior fitting:
    • 5 colour-coded document pockets in DIN A4 format
    • 3 pen holder
    • 2 flat pockets for stationery such as calculator, sticky notes, highlighter etc.
    • 1 sealable net pocket
    • 1 plastic pocket for smartphone etc.
    • ring binder e.g. for:
      • DIN A4 folder with filing
      • folded punched pocket in DIN A3 format
  • rear:
    • integrated clip board with metal document clip and pen holder
    • transparent and resealable compartment pocket e.g. for standard information (e.g. radio channel overview, operational schemes, etc.) or even a tablet PC.
  • carrying strap
  • 50 mm high reflective stripe
  • exterior plastic-pocket in business-card format
  • hook-and-loop tape for individual labelling e.g. with name tag etc.
  • contents NOT included


Utilization & transport:

The 25 mm wide adjustable carrying strap allows you to use work in a comfortable position. The folder’s weight rests on neck and waist, which has an additional stabilizing effect. When investigating the scene by foot, the folder can be secured with a hook-and-loop fastener and carried over the shoulder.


Scope of delivery:

BIG Organizer with carrying strap; without further or shown supplies



  • material: 100% Tarpaulin
  • dimensions (W x H x D): 39 x 29 x 5 cm
  • weight: 1,75 kg
  • colours:
    • blue:        2684-9135
    • yellow:     2684-9125
    • red           2684-9117  
    • black:       2684-9108



Supplementary Equipment (not included; available for sale separately:



TABLET-FLAP tablet holder (article-no.: 2685-9000) for filing of a tablet-PC in the organizer (designed for mounting to ring binder)

Ideal solution for storage and operation of a tablet PC during ongoing operations

  • compatible : suitable for organizer and folder in Din A4 upright format
  • adjustable : fits for wide range of commercially available devices
  • strong: built in plastic plate for additional protection of tablet PC


Modern command and control tools such as tablet PCs are on the advance, however adequate storage during operations remains a problem.

The TABLET FLAP provides safe storage for your tablet PC as well as immediate access to device.

Thanks to three flaps with hook and loop fastener at rear the tablet holder, size can be infinitely adjusted to accommodate wide range commercially available tablet PC with a size of up to 28 x 19 cm.

Sensitive but robust PVC protective cover protects the tablet PC from dirt and possible damage, yet the touchscreen remains operable.


Suitable for commercially available devices up to size of 28 x 19 cm


  • 2 hole punch with durable metal eyelets
  • hook and loop flaps for infinite adjustment of size
  • built in plastic plate for additional protection


Scope of delivery:
TABLE FLAP without further or pictured supplies



  • dimensions (W x H x D): 23.5 x 29 x 1 cm
  • weight: approx. 130 g
  • color: grey
  • material: 600D polyester
  • article no.: 2685 9000





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