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Webbing Anchorage Sling

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 Engineered using heavy duty polyester webbing for ultimate durability, the 2 metre webbing anchorage sling allows the user to create a safe and reliable connection point which adjusts to a wide variety of anchorage points.



2 metres




  • Superior strength
  • Ultra lightweight for long uses
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications


Materials: Polyester

Colors: Yellow, 2 metres


EN 795









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Anchorage Device
Anchorage devices are common fall protection solutions in work areas that lack existing anchor points for personnel tie–off. They are certified to the EN 795 standard, making them approved anchor points for any elevated work area that poses a risk of fall to the worker. These points are responsible for connecting the user to a lifeline or lanyard making them must–haves for the safety of workers at height.


Fall Protection
Fall Protection is put in place to prevent the risks associated with falling from heights, reducing impact force, restricting obstacle/ground collision and restricting users from fall hazard areas. Portwest offer a full range of fall protection products for working at height.




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