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FFP3 Premium Respirator

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SKU: P305
UPC: P305
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Masks Per Box: 5
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 Premium FFP3 respirator featuring a bigger and stronger cup compared to other FFP3 masks.

O-ring around face joint and wide adjustable elastic bands for ultimate wearer comfort.

High performing exhalation valve works efficiently to reduce heat inside the mask and provides comfort when used in hot and humid conditions.

Dolomite optional clogging test for maximised breathability comfort.



Fit Test Performance

O-ring around
face joint



  • Excellent fit test performance
  • O-ring around face joint for ultimate wearer comfort
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • Large inner space to help the user to breathe more easily
  • High performance exhalation valve to reduce heat and provide comfort when used in hot and humid conditions
  • Dolomite optional clogging test (D) to provide more comfortable breathing and longer lasting filtration performance



Material: Polypropylene, Foam

Colors Available: White


EN 149 FFP3 (NR D)



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Disposable Mask FFP3
Disposable mask FFP3 level, protects against solid and liquid particles of high toxicity. Minimal % of filtration 99%. Protects up to 20 times the TLV (Assigned Protection Factor for FFP3 masks) or up to 50 times TLV (Nominal Protection Factor for FFP3 masks). Examples of applications: Sanding of hard wood (beech, oak) / treatment of wood using copper, chrome or arsenic based products / impact stripping of paint / sanding of cement. Our Biztex brand ensures exceptional quality and performance across our full range of disposable masks.


Disposable Masks
Our Biztex™ brand ensures exceptional quality and performance across our full range of disposable masks. The extensive Biztex range offers a high level of protection and quality safeguarding the wearer against many workplace risks including liquid chemicals, static electricity, dry particles and radioactive contamination. The complete Biztex range includes disposable masks and limited-life garments.