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Self Retract Lifeline

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 1.35 metre retractable webbing lifeline including a carabiner, shock absorber and swivel snap hook with double safety lock and load indicator.

The webbing is manufactured using ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.

This next generation arrest block is high strength, light weight, UV resistant and water resistant.





  • CE certified


Materials: ABS Plastic Shell, Polyethylene Webbing 1.35 metres, Alloy Steel, Heat Treated, PVC

Colors: Black


EN 362
EN 360








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Automatic Fall Arrest Block
Automatic fall arrest blocks could be compared to the seatbelt of a car. The life line is coiled inside high quality durable housing where it can extend and retract. This means the line is under constant tension ensuring that there is no slack thus reducing the risks of trip or slip hazards. In the event of a fall the arrest block will lock and stop your fall after a short distance. Designed to be used with all Portwest harnesses and connectors.


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