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ProGARM® 2696 36cal Arc Flash Safety Helmet

$1,186.00 SGD
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SKU: 2696
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The ProGARM® Safety Helmet protects the head against injuries caused by falling objects, electric shock by preventing shock current flow through the head and also against Arc Flash and molten metal splashes.

Developed as safety personnel equipment for live working with electrical connections.








  • Made of ABS
  • Suitable for live working
  • Smooth head circumference adjustment, range 53cm-63cm Helmet type (ANSI standard) - Type 1
  • Lateral deformation resistance (EN Standard) - LD
  • Molten metal splash resistance (EN Standard) - MM
  • Resistance to penetration after conditioning in temperatures of –40°C to +60°C
  • Electrical properties (EN standard) - 440 Vac
  • Electrical Class O (1000 V AC/1500 V DC) according to EN 50365 Electrical Class E (20kV AC) according to ANSI Z89.1.1
  • Compliance with ANSI Z89.1; EN397; EN 50365 standards Approved to EN 50365 - Electrically insulating helmets for use on low voltage installation
  • Approved to ANSI Z89.1 - Industrial head protection
  • Improved visibility with reflective stickers
  • Manufacturing date and utilisation date permanently marked




  • Made from Polycarbonate
  • Protection against high-speed particles - B
  • Protection against droplets and splashes of liquids (3)
  • Full face, chin and neck protection against thermal hazards caused by electric arc flash
  • Resistance to fogging - N
  • Protection against electric arc: Class 2 - Box test 7kA/0.5s; ATPV > 36cal/cm2
  • Compliance with standards: EN 166; GS-ET-29; ASTM F2178 Code number for ultra-violet filter (UV) - 2C-2
  • Visible light transmittance (VLT) < 50% - Class 2
  • Optical Class - 1
  • Protection against molten metals and hot solids (9)
  • Approved to ASTN F2178 - Standard specification for arc rated eye or face protective products
  • Premium class anti-fog and anti-scratch protection
  • Easy to wear with eyeglasses
  • Incidient energy - ATPV = 36cal /cm2




  • 4-point strap recommended for working at height
  • Quick, clasp - easy operation with protective gloves




Find out more about PROGARM 2696 36 CAL ARC FLASH SAFETY HELMET here




ProGARM Size Guide

ProGARM Size Chart

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ProGARM Catalogue






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