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Illuminated Flashing Armband

$12.00 SGD
Unit Price: Price Per Single Piece
Color: Silver
Eligible for FREE Shipping within mainland Singapore

This adjustable arm band with reflective panelling is small and lightweight.

It offers convenient protection to its wearer.

The panelling lights up with the touch of a button and emits a bright glow for added visibility.

Full light and pulse settings.

Battery life of 80 hours.

CR2032 battery, 3V.






  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • Bright, compact and lightweight
  • Battery life of 80 hours
  • CR2032 battery, 3V
  • Panel lights up with touch of a button and emits a bright red glow for added visibility
  • CE certified
  • Sold in singles









Material: ABS, LED, TPU

Color: Silver, High-Visibility Yellow One Size











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