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Evacuation Assembly Point Sign

$8.60 SGD - $48.20 SGD
SKU: 0040.E007
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ISO 7010 Number: E007

Dimensions: 150mm x 150mm, 200mm x 200mm or 400mm x 400mm

Material: PVC

Luminance: No or Luxolight® B




Safety signs are standardised in their message, graphical symbol and safety colours in order to ensure international understanding. Lawful safety identification includes rescue, fire protection, prohibitory, mandatory action and warning symbols.


The exact requirements for your working environment are already determined when the escape and rescue plans are drawn up during the workplace’s planning phase; they are specified more precisely over the course of regular risk assessments. Our rescue and fire protection symbols are available in standard form or with a photoluminescent background. This is not the case for prohibitory, mandatory action and warning symbols; they are therefore delivered in the standard form on a white background.






Photoluminescent labelling is considered to be particularly important, as even in the event of a power failure or smoke development, it provides a reliable means of orientation.

Luxolight® is a registered trademark and represents all of our photoluminescent products.

They meet high quality requirements and aid in making your working environment safe.

Our Luxolight® products absorb the energy of UV rays from the ambient lighting, store it, and then emit it as yellow-green light when it’s dark.

Depending on the environment, varying degrees of photoluminescence may be necessary – we can offer you reliable advice about this.

Most standardised Luxolight® products are delivered in B Quality from stock and meet the requirements of the relevant standards.

Other Qualities upon request.

The following chart describes the luminous qualities of Luxolight® as well as the specifications of DIN 67510 and ASR A3.4/3 at the place of use.





An installed safety way guidance system serves as an important protective measure should evacuation be necessary. As part of the safety concept or in consequence of a risk assessment, workplaces and places with increased risk potential must be equipped for emergency with an optical safety way guidance system that directs those affected to a safe environment or meeting points.


A safety way guidance system enables those affected to leave the premises safely and quickly – even in the event of heavy smoke and power failure. For the safety way guidance system we offer different photoluminescence qualities and installation heights that match the on-site conditions. Thanks to the optical markings and direction indicators, all of these solutions provide for a seamless and reliable escape route. Nevertheless, they are not a substitute for the required rescue symbols that are mounted up above.




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