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Glue-Grip Glove

$11.80 SGD
SKU: A460
UPC: A460
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In cold conditions, warmth and secure grip are crucial, the 'Glue-Grip' houses a three layer thermal system which provides excellent thermal properties.

The PVC coating makes this a very durable glove and also provides excellent grip properties.




Materials: PVC, Canvas, Cotton

Colors: Orange XL/10-XXL/11


AS/NZS 2161 .2
AS/NZS 2161 .3
AS/NZS 2161 .5
EN 420
EN 388:2003 - (
EN 511 (1.2.1.)


Thermal Protection Gloves
When cold thermal hazards are present, the hands' motor skills can be greatly reduced, this leads to increased risks of accidents and injury. Specially designed thermal protective gloves are available to combat these hazardous environments.

A wide and increasing range of Hand Protection styles is available. In order to help cater to every need. Only the best materials and manufacture methods are used in the production of Portwests' extensive range of Hand Protection products.




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