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Fire Blanket 1.2m x 1.2m

$29.00 SGD - $43.00 SGD
SKU: NR-FB-1212
Size of Blanket:
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Suitable for smothering and extinguishing fires in homes, kitchens, schools, hospitals, laboratories, offices, workshops and factories.


Benefits of Fire Blankets

  • Fire blankets are very easy to use with no further training required and can be used by anyone.
  • They can be used to put off fires on people which is not possible through fire extinguishers.
  • One of its greatest advantages is that it lets you to escape fires by wrapping it around your body.
  • They can be used to put off small household fires quickly and prevent it from spreading in its initial stage only.
  • They are always ready to use and a sure shot option as compared to fire extinguishers which may or may not work.
  • A person can easily use it on themselves to put off a fire.



  • Certified to EN 1869:1997
  • Base fabric: 100% Fiberglass
  • Material: Woven Glass Fiber
  • Thickness: Approx. 0.43 mm
  • Service temperature: 550˚C
  • Totally Asbestos-Free
  • With hard PVC box with flush caps
  • Also available in sizes 1.2m x 1.8m, 1.8m x 1.8m



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Northrock Safety - PPE Catalogue - 2017


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