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Scoop Stretcher (NRS-SS-193)

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The Apache Safety NRS-SS-193 Scoop Stretcher is designed to allow the injured to be transported with minimal movement to the spine and thus minimizing the risk of further injuries.

It can be opened at either ends and placed around the patient. This allow for the patient to be loaded onto the NRS-SS-293 Scoop Stretcher effectively and efficiently. This also makes it easier to unload the patient from the NRS-SS-193 Scoop Stretcher as it can be removed from under the patient with minimal movement to the spine.

As the NRS-SS-193 scoop stretcher is designed to break-apart from the center, it enables patient to be X-rayed while immobilized.

The length of the NRS-SS-193 Scoop Stretcher can be adjusted to accommodate patients of different heights.

The NRS-SS-193 Scoop Stretcher comes with restraining straps to ensure the safety of the patient and minimizes movement of the patient during transport.

The Apache Safety NRS-SS-193 Scoop Stretcher is easy to clean and folds up for compact and easy storage.

Material: Aluminium Alloy

Dimensions (when opened): 1930 x 420 x 60mm

Dimensions (when folded): 1700 x 420 x 60mm

Weight: 9kg

Max load: 140kg