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Poly General Purpose Absorbent Roll 50m x 500mm

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SKU: GR411
UPC: GR411

When you need a universal maintenance absorbent that is great value for money, Spill Station Asia's Poly GP range is perfect.

Made from virgin resin polypropylene, Spill Station Asia's absorbents do not have recycled content that can compromise strength and chemical resistance.

The heat welded dimples make sure you turn your liquid hazard into an easily managed solid fast.

The spun bonded laminate provides extra strength and prevents shedding.

They are suitable to use with a wide range of chemicals including hydrocarbons,agricultural chemicals,coolant and even battery acid.



  • Super absorbent polypropylene micro-fibres suitable for all non-agressive chemicals.
  • Can also be used with some acids and bases including battery acid.
  • General purpose absorbents are made from 100% virgin resin polypropylene.
  • Contains no recycled contaminants  that can reduce strength, absorbtion and chemical resistance.
  • Rolls are extra strong to take foot traffic.
  • All pads and rolls are laminated with low-lint spun woven cover stock.
  • Pads and rolls in this range have heat bonded dimples for fast absorption.
  • General purpose absorbents are made from 100% virgin resin polypropylene.
  • The easy-tear perforation on all rolls make them convinient to use.Just tear off what you need.
  • Colour coded grey for easy recognition and fast response.


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