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Paraguard Excel Stretcher

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UPC: 010795401
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Depend on NATO’s stretcher of choice for search and rescue operations

If you’re looking for an excellent all-round proven search and rescue stretcher, the Paraguard Excel is without equal. Compact and easy to use, with a design that’s perfect for both horizontal and vertical lifting, it’s little wonder that the design has won the approval of worldwide authorities including NATO.
  • Ideal for use in awkward spaces – designed for use and performs highly effectively in collapsed buildings, industrial accidents or confined spaces.
  • Easy to transport – Slot in carrying handles fix onto the head and foot ends of the stretcher allowing two rescuers to carry the casualty
  • Quick and simple to use – the colour-coded strapping system easily secures the chest, arms, thighs and lower legs.
  • Safe and secure – a three-point non-slip forehead strap holds the head in place, with a figure of eight strap for the feet
  • Hygienic and easily maintained – impervious to oil, water and grease, rot-resistant and with easy-clean fully heat sealed flaps to enhance infection control.
  • Recognised and proven - approved for use by many authorities including NATO 6530-99-446-9403
  • Easy to store - for storage and ease of transport, the stretcher packs into a versatile valise back pack, which is supplied as standard
Comes with a backpack (valise) for ease of storage and transport.
Length full 182cm (92cm folded)
Width 25cm (27cm folded)
Depth (15cm folded)
Weight with no accessories: 11.5kg
Max load : 136kg
Shipping Dimensions and Weight Per Unit:
102cm x 31cm x 20cm
Gross Weight: 14kg
Optional Accessories:
  • Lifting sling for easier horizontal lifting-– attachable four-point lifting sling with lightweight karabiners and 227kg max load


  • Carrying Handles


  • Shoulder harness to help distribute weight-vest-style, to attach onto the Paraguard lifting handles
Ferno Paraguard Excel Stretcher Specs Sheet



Ferno Paraguard Excel Stretcher User Manual

UM_2003-0037 - Paraguard Excel_02


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