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Chemprotec™ Rubber Glove (Mediumweight 40cm)

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Chemprotec™ is an unlined natural rubber glove that performs well to protect against a variety of chemicals and cleaning agents including acids, alkalis and alcohols.

It also attains good EN388 scores for abrasion and tear resistance enhancing its mechanical protection and durability.

Unlined for easy donning, it allows for an underglove to be worn for added protection or comfort.

Its anatomical shape and flexibility minimise hand fatigue, and it has a smooth surface which prevents stickiness and surface tack.

It is available in variable lengths and weight allowing the user to choose the appropriate level of protection required.




Performance: Provides protection against a wide range of chemicals and cleaning agents.

Protection: Offers good resistance to abrasion hazards.

Comfort: Unlined for easy donning, and also allows for an under glove to be worn for added comfort.

Heavy Duty: Combines chemical resistance with mechanical protection.

Cuff: Beaded cuff provides additional strength and prevents liquid roll back.

Styles: Variable weight and lengths available to suit the task in hand.



  • Construction & Utility
  • Janitorial
  • Waste Management and Local authority


Color: Black

Sizes: 8 to 11

Length: 40cm




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