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Aluminium Helidecks

Northrock Safety is the sales agent of Steenfelder Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH (SSM) of Germany, bringing to Asia, aluminium helidecks that are manufactured in Germany.


About SSM
Steenfelder Stahl- und Maschinenbau GmbH (SSM) is the specialist to engage for the design and manufacturing of aluminum helidecks. SSM designs and engineers some of the world’s most advanced mobile offshore or land aluminum helidecks.
SSM upholds a sterling reputation for fast-track turnkey projects backed by strong in-house engineering capabilities, and versatile and experienced project management teams.
SSM has the production facilities, certified metalworking specialists and extensive engineering capacities to cope with customers’ stringent requirements.
All engineering and fabrication are done in-house by SSM's experienced and qualified engineering team and SSM offers a wide range of services, ranging from large scale supports, engine frames to other complex assemblies.
SSM is located in North West Germany. Our products can be found in Germany and various parts of the world covering diverse and varied fields.


Class Approvals & Certifications

Friction-free process made to DIN 18800 Part 7 Class
Comprehensive form of verification for welding according to DIN 18800-7, Class E
DIN EN ISO 9001 Metal constructions
-  Certified specialist according to German Water Act (WHG § 19 I)
Extruded aluminum profiles are delivered with certificates EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2.
DIN EN ISO 3834-2
-  International quality requirements for welding manufacturing plants
Standards to meet CAP437 according to:
-  Lloyld’s Register
-  ABS
-  DNV



Our Philosophy

Meeting Clients’ Requirements

Our company philosophy is to meet or exceed the client’s requirements and specifications in the most cost-effective manner. Our international track record --- delivering safely, on time, and within budget --- establishes us as the preferred supplier of quality aluminum helidecks.

Time and Cost Savings for Our Clients
Our helidecks are designed with easy-to-assemble connection ports. This allows us to deliver complete, expandable, fully equipped and ready-to-use helidecks fast, resulting in huge savings in time and cost for our clients.
The assembly can be done by us turnkey or by an independent team under our supervision.
We can also offer minimum or customised package delivery, which includes only the deck “pancakes” or other components required for the helideck.


Features of SSM Aluminium Helidecks

Fast & Easy Assembly
Our team are well-trained and have a disciplined attitude to provide cost effective installation to our clients. We achieve this by designing every job to be installation friendly as well as having special propriety tools that allows us to complete our jobs better and faster.
Approved Friction Surfaces
Serrated surface provides sufficient friction which meets the requirements from international authorities and industry standards. Our surfaces are up to R12 certified friction class.
No Maintenance Required
Every physical detail is examined and engineered to avoid corrosion traps.
Seawater Resistant Aluminium Alloys
Only seawater resistant aluminium alloys are used.
Save Up To 65% In Weight
Our aluminium extrusion technology save up to 65% in weight as compared to traditional steel helidecks.
First Class German Fire Safety
Integrated platform fire fighting system can be supplied on the deck as recommended by the Civil Aviation Authority under CAP 437. Our pop-up nozzles with a water / foam mixture sprayed to the surface can remove fuel fires in less than 15 seconds.
As stipulated in CAP 437 or German AVV, we can also supply fire monitors.
SSM has three kinds of fire fighting systems:
1. DIFFS - Deck integrated fire fighting system (pop-up nozzles with Foam/Water mixture).
2. Foam-monitors with automatic fire fighting
3. Procovent-Forrex based nozzles around the deck
Assured Approvals
SSM's works are ensured to comply and approved by classification societies and authorities (GL, DN, TÜV, building rules list). Material approved as EN 10204 3.2 is also possible.
Heat Tracing
Hydraulic and electrical heating can be supplied to the deck. For hydraulic heating systems, the flow temperature is 40 ° C.
Designed by Eurocode
All sections of the helicopter landing areas are designed and constructed according to Eurocode 9.



Standard Helideck Pancake Features

Aluminium/Steel Support Girders
The deck planking’s supports are constructed from large H-beams, which are made of aluminium or steel.
Drainage Gutter All Around
Size 200 x 200 mms with 50 mms high edge to retain water and foam.
Brackets for flood control, perimeter light, rope net tensioners, grating at access points and short, flanged tubes for connection to the drainage piping are inclusive.
Safety Net Supports
Safety net’s supports are fabricated with aluminium or steel profile.
Reinforced Deck Planks
Our deck planks are serrated, reinforced for strength and stiffness and connected with tongue and groove joinery so as to deliver a strong and safe landing surface.
Connection to the Steel Structure
The aluminium profiles are usually supported on a steel support network. The axle spacing depends on the helicopter mass. Between the steel components and aluminium profiles is an insulating layer of neoprene or plastic to prevent galvanic reactions of steel and aluminium. The aluminium profiles are fastened with hammer-head bolts to the steel base structure. We can also provide welding joints.
Safety Net Frames
For transportation and installation, we have prefabricated nets in various sizes.
Corrosion-Resistant Fasteners
Sealing rails for butt joints, sealants, screws, nuts and washers. Materials are corrosion resistant stainless steel screws or protected with special coating.
Assembly Assistance Provided
Through our many years of experience and special tools, we have built a team of dedicated crews and supervisors to deliver a perfect assembly.
Class Approval
(GL, DN, RINA, all classification society). DIBT admission by 3.1 or 3.2 test report.



Additional Equipment & Services 

Fire Fighting Equipment
Customised to client’s requirements, we have various fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing system integrated deck, monitors and rescue equipment available.
Access Structures
Stairs, ladders and walkways for helideck access and escape routes are available.
Support Structure
We prefabricate the support structure for easy disassembly to facilitate road transport. The structure can be easily reassembly at customer’s yard.
Ex-Stock or standard floodlighting, perimeter lighting and windsock available. As stipulated to ICAO Annex 14.
Due to high transport costs, it is advantageous for the helicopter deck to be assembled on the spot. (Except for turn-key package).Installation usually takes no longer than 3 weeks.
As per client’s requirements, SSM can provide a supervisor or a whole crew for the assembly/ installation of the helideck in Singapore.
Piping for Fire Fighting Equipment
Pipelines to the fire-fighting equipment are inbuilt and prefabricated.
Support Structure Design
Designed and fabricated according to client’s specifications. SSM have the corresponding permits for class and design standards.
Piping for Drainage
From the channel gutter to an agreed point.
Turn-Key Package
Our manufacturing facility has good access to ports. Hence our helidecks can also be completely manufactured and fully equipped for turn-key supply.
Complete Package
We offer the complete package and also provide minimum solution such as supply only pancake to complete turn-key solution with commissioning such as fire tests and flight tests.



Advantages of Our Aluminium Helidecks

  • Retrofitting of helidecks possible.
  • The helidecks can be built onto already existing buildings.
  • Easy expandability of the helidecks.
  • Helideck is demountable and once again mountable.
  • The helideck can be realized with any column grid.
  • Fast assembly due to prefabricated parts.
  • Customized drainage system.
  • High degree of safety due to non-slip surface.
  • The helideck is heated in an energy-efficient manner, in order to ensure optimum safety even in cold climates.



Helidecks on Land

Taking the injured to a hospital as soon as possible is very important. Our system offers hospitals flexible possibilities of adapting to local conditions, in order to meet the requirements caused by the increase in air rescue missions.

SSM-helipads consist roughly of the following parts:

  • Transportable roofing System
  • Extinguishing System
  • Lighting
  • Wind sock
  • Kerosene cutter
  • Rollover protection and emergency staircase
  • Heating of the platform with control system
  • Non-slip platform