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Bullard AboveView Full-Brim Hard Hat, Ratchet Suspension, See-Through Front Brim Visor, White

$43.00 SGD - $46.00 SGD
SKU: Aboveview-White
Suspension: Ratchet
Brow Pad: Vinyl
Eligible for FREE Shipping within mainland Singapore



Bullard's patented AboveView is a full-brim hard hat with a removable, replaceable clear brim visor.

AboveView offers increased protection from the elements and comes equipped with accessory slots for a variety of attachments.

AboveView is offered with ratchet suspension and a replaceable cotton or vinyl brow pad.

The suspension system has four points of attachment with four separate keys for a secure fit and 3/4" wide crown straps for comfort.



Brow Pad: Vinyl

Suspension: Ratchet

Brim Visor: Grey or Clear

Color: White, Kelly Green, Red, Pacific Blue, Yellow, Black, Sky Blue, Light Pink, Gull Grey

Certified to SS98:2013



Specific Features:

  • See-through visor opens upper peripheral vision by 50%.
  • Replaceable visors: Clear Tint for full visibility; Grey Tint for shade; Yellow Tint to prevent glare.
  • Hat style helps protect against splash, glare, and sun exposure.
  • Ratchet suspension – Ratchet suspensions can be adjusted between hat sizes 6.5 - 8.
  • Ratchet suspensions have vertical adjustment capability (two in front, two in rear) for a secure fit to different head sizes.
  • Wide (3/4") seamless crown straps provide more comfort and helps the suspension system absorb energy. The round, wide crown area also allows for good ventilation.
  • Replaceable cotton and vinyl brow pads are pillowed for maximum comfort. Velcro replacement brow pads are available in absorbent cotton, a cooling material, or a vinyl material.
  • Pad print capability in up to eight different locations on the hat – logos may have up to six colors per location.  (Additional fees applicable)
  • Standard four-day lead time on plain and customized hats.
  • Two-year warranty. Bullard's reputation can be seen in the attention to detail on comfort and fit.
  • Distinctive Three-Rib trademark.
  • Made in the USA.



Weight (with suspension): 15.84 oz. (448.1g)
ANSI/ISEA Classification: Z89.1-2014, Type I, Class E and G
Identifying Marks: Three Ribs
Warning Labels: Yes
Decorating Capability: Yes
Instructions with Unit: Yes
# of Standard Colors: 20 (others available upon request)


Outer Shell
Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Style: Full Brim – Hat Style
Accessory Slots: Yes
Rain Trough: No





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