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4000 Over-Coat

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  The FB40 Over-coat is worn as part of a two piece suit and combined with 4 layers of fabrics including a moisture barrier and thermal barrier.

Knitted cuffs made from Nomex® with thumb-holes hold the sleeve end in place when gloves are worn.

The quick release zip aids a speedy removal if required.


Structural Fire Suits

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  • CE certified
  • Quick release zip for instant access
  • Radio pocket designed to fit all sizes
  • Lower front pockets with hook and loop closure
  • Flame resistant industrial wash tape
  • Throat tab on front neck
  • Anti-wicking strip at hem
  • Hook and loop cuffs for a secure fit
  • Knitted cuff for comfort and warmth


EN 469 , LEVEL 2


Shell Fabric: Nomex® Tough, Ripstop 195g

Lining Fabric: Moisture Barrier: FR non woven with ePTFE membrane, 90g

Thermal Layer: FR Non Woven Aramid Viscose 115g

Inner Thermal Layer: FR Woven Meta-aramid Modacrylic, 155g

Color: Navy

Size: S – 4XL

Structural Fire Suits
The Solar Fire Suits can endure high levels of heat for brief periods of time without themselves combusting and burning and therefore minimises body burn percentage when exposed to heat and flames. The Solar Structural Fire Suits have three components: an outer shell, a moisture barrier, and a thermal barrier, all serving a different function. The outer layer protects against flame injury and burns caused by conductive heat. The moisture barrier protects against water penetration and allows internal moisture vapour to escape. It is imperative that the layers are kept dry to avoid the transfer of heat in a convective manner from the outer layer through the layers to the skin. The inner thermal barrier and lining offers protection against heat from proximity to flame. In between each of these layers are pockets of air and together with the fabric layers, they help to further insulate the wearer from the extreme environments of fires.

Flame Resistant
This industry leading range provides multi standard protection for hazardous environments. These state of the art products are the result of years of experience combined with advanced technology and market research. Commitment to the health, safety and comfort of the wearer can be seen in the wide range of products suitable for all climates and end uses.


Fabric Information

Nomex® Tough Ripstop 195g outer shell is constructed from 75% Nomex® / 23% Kevlar® / 2% P-140 carbon fibres. The moisture barrier is constructed with ePTFE on a Basofil® non woven carrier, 90g. TenCate Tecashield® - CQ8, 270g thermal liner is an FR non woven aramid viscose quilted to an FR woven 50% Meta-aramid, 50% Modacrylic woven fabric.

Garment Benefits

  • Nomex® Tough Ripstop is inherently flame-resistant, will not melt or drip, is resistant to most industrial oils, solvents, and chemicals, with high abrasion and dimensional stability properties.
  • The ePTFE moisture barrier protects against water penetration and allows internal moisture vapour to escape.
  • The non woven thermal layer traps pockets of air to provide enhanced thermal protection and the inner woven layer protects against heat from proximity to flame.
  • The Wickwell™ plus technology on the lining moves perspiration away from body.


DuPont™, Nomex® and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.



Size Chart


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