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Fibrelight Folding Stretcher

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The Folding Stretcher offers a compact solution for mobile rescue teams; it folds down much smaller than any comparable rigid stretcher on the market.

The profile of the Folding Stretcher enables it to be carried alongside standard first aid kit without adding bulk to the user. 

The stretcher is fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of sizes up to 2m in length.

The five horizontal straps securely contain the casualty and the sliding head and neck support enhance the spinal protection.

The lowest strap is especially long to allow a figure of eight wrap to be used around the lower limbs to prevent the casualty from twisting. 

The simplistic and modern design allows a casualty to be recovered with minimal effort for the rescuers and maximum support for the casualty. 

The Folding Stretcher has been designed for use by mobile rescue teams, military units or stretcher users looking for a space saving or lightweight option.


Key Features:
  • Lightweight
  • Rigid spinal support
  • Fully adjustable for height
  • Removable padded head & neck support
  • Folds down into a backpack
  • Ready to use in 15 seconds
  • 3 years manufacturers warranty


  • Length: 2m
  • Folded Length: 450mm
  • Folded Diameter: 150mm
  • Weight: 4.8 kg
  • Safe working load of 200kgs


The Fibrelight Stretcher has been designed for use by rescue teams, paramedics and first aiders both on land and with the aid of the flotation supports in water.