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Deluxe Special Ops Field Medical Stomp Backpack
Deluxe Special Ops Field Medical Stomp Backpack

This backpack has many pro features as it includes clear-view detachable inside pockets. Beautifully designed for use with oxygen size D cylinders.

Pls email info@northrocksafety.com or call us at 65 6396 9210 for pricing, thank you
Fast Response Belt Wallet
Fast Response Belt Wallet (Empty)

Held in place by quick-release clips, this strong lightweight bag is simple to wear comfortably and securely around the waist.

$11.00 SGD - $12.00 SGD
First Aid Pouch
First Aid Pouch Medium (Empty)

Manufactured from tough, durable, yet highly attractive rip-stop fabric.

Dimensions: 14cmH x 11cmW x 8cmD

$14.00 SGD - $16.00 SGD
First Aid Pouch X-Large
First Aid Pouch X-Large (Empty)

 Manufactured from tough, durable, yet highly attractive rip-stop fabric.

Dimensions: 25cmH x 18cmW x 9.5cmD 

$23.00 SGD - $26.00 SGD
first aid rucksack
First Aid Rucksack (Empty)

A compact first aid rucksack that offers excellent portability for the first aider.  

The bag features double zip-pulls that allow the bag to open fully, offering easy viewing of the products required in an emergency.

Elasticated loops, sealable pockets, and a removable compartment, hold all the contents securely.

Dimensions: 38cmH x 26cmW x 20cmD

$89.00 SGD
First Aid Sling Bag Bordeaux
First Aid Sling Bag Bordeaux (Empty)

 Offering a soft alternative to the traditional hard carry case, this compact carry bag with twin handles and a detachable adjustable shoulder strap features a suitcase design with a fully zipped top, two separately zipped sections for practical storage of small items and a capacious main compartment with room for substantial supplies

Dimensions: 22.5cmH x 29cmW x 11cmD 

$29.00 SGD - $35.00 SGD
first aid bag singapore
First Aid Sling Bag Lyon (Empty)

 The straightforward suitcase design combines fast access with capacious storage.

Dimensions: 37cmH x 37cmW x 9cmD 

$45.00 SGD - $49.00 SGD
First Aid Sling Bag Marseilles
First Aid Sling Bag Marseilles (Empty)

 Simple, functional and practical, the Marseille bag is the perfect choice for situations where a standard grab bag is required.

Dimensions: 30cmH x 40cmW x 12.5cmD 

$39.00 SGD - $45.00 SGD
first aid carry bags
First Aid Sling Bag Paris (Empty)

 An ideal sports ‘run-on’, fully zipped style bag lays flat for an at-a-glance view of the entire content.

Dimensions: 28cmH x 35.5cmW x 12.5cmD 

$29.00 SGD - $35.00 SGD
First Aid Sling Bag
First Aid Sling Bag Small (Empty)

Comes with adjustable shoulder strap.

Dimensions: 24cmL x 22cmH x 11cmD

$20.00 SGD - $25.00 SGD
sports first aid kit contents
First Aid Sports Sling Bag Le Mans (Empty)

Easy access, organised content, capacious storage and added protection for contents.

Dimensions: 20cmH x 37cmW x 25cmD

Pls Call/Email For Pricing
First Aid Trauma Backpack
First Aid Trauma Backpack Premium (Empty)

Capacious storage with rapid access features including internal zipped pouches, ingeniously colour coded to assist quick decision making under pressure.

Dimensions: 57cmH x 41cmW x 22cmD

$256.00 SGD - $296.00 SGD
Two-in-One Bag
First Aid Two-in-One Bag (Empty)

 A large capacity grab bag, manufactured from tough, durable fabric, and sporting a host of internal features to keep all your first aid items in place and fully protected.

Dimensions: 18.6cmH x 24.3cmW x 8cmD 

$25.00 SGD - $29.00 SGD
StatPacks G2 MCI Vest Pack
G2 MCI Vest / Pack
This high visibility safety vest keeps personal and medical equipment close at hand. This MCI vest is designed for Mass Casualty Incidents and medics who require both a pack and a highway EMS vest.
$95.00 SGD - $109.00 SGD
Overseas Medical Bag
Overseas Medical Bag (Empty)


For frequent travellers, this bag offers versatility and portability with ease of packing or storage in luggage, or other confined spaces. Without sacrificing the need to provide adequate protection for essential products taken abroad, the fully-zipped clamshell design, incorporating four transparent compartments and an inner zipped mesh pocket, simplifies the problem of transporting important sterile products when visiting countries where such items may not be available.

Dimensions: 14cmH x 25cmW x 3.5cmD 

$19.00 SGD - $23.00 SGD