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Anti Fatigue Mat Heavy Duty

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 High quality standard ringmat gives a non slip surface with excellent drainage.

Anti fatigue beads located on the underside of the mat ensure comfort for longer durations.

Connection edges allow easy extension of size and length when needed.

Weather proof hard wearing material suitable for both outdoor and indoor areas.





  • Designed to give you extra traction decreasing your chances of slipping.
  • Suited for food processing plants. resistant to greases, animal fats and oils
  • Suitable for any work area where oil and grease resistance is a priority.
  • Drainage
  • Anti-Fatigue
  • Food Service


Materials: Nitrile, Rubber

Color: Black

Dimensions: 600x900x15mm

Weight: 4.5kg


DIN 51130:2014-02 R10






Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti Fatigue matting is ergonomically designed to reduce stress caused from long periods of standing by actively working the legs.

This increases blood flow to an ideal rate and prevents numbness and aching in the feet.

Cushioning abilities provide a soft, comfortable effect whilst maintaining a correct posture and allowing users to work for a longer duration with less irritation whilst insulating feet from cold surfaces.




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