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StatPacks Replacement Name Plate for G2 MCI Vest / Pack

$17.00 SGD
SKU: G25005B*
Type of Name Plate:
Nothing is worse than having all out confusion break out at the scene of an accident, fire or other incident. Proper identification is necessary to ensure that all members of the different teams or agencies at an incident know who they are talking to, and what they need to have them do. This product provides the necessary identification to reduce response times and allow you and your team members to get on with the business of saving lives.
This Name Plate is specifically designed to securely adhere to the exterior attachments on the Statpacks G2 Vest/Pack. The hook and loop strips allow you to quickly and easily change both the front and rear identification panel of your Statpacks G2 MCI Vest with the Name Plate that will correctly identify you when you arrive on the scene of an accident.
Product Details:
  • Hook and Loop strips ensure secure placement and easy removal when needed
  • Specifically designed to attach to your Statpacks G2 MCI Vest 
  • Pick a pre printed Name Plate label or customize your order to make sure you can be properly
    identified on the scene
  • Custom screen printing is available; additional fees applicable, pls email us for more information


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