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Practi-Baby Infant CPR Manikin
Practi-Baby Infant CPR Manikin (Single Pack)

The most lifelike infant manikin

Suitable for performing correct infant CPR, adapting to training needs.


Perform realistic breathing

Excellent performance during practice with pediatric resuscitator.


Guedel cannula

It allows the practice of a Guedel cannula placement.


Feedback Audible

The selector gives the option of practice sessions with or without clicking.


AED Training

Pads do not leave residue on the skin.


$275.00 SGD
SKU: PB-001B
cpr aed training manikin singapore
Practi-Man Advance CPR Manikin (Single Pack)

2 in 1

Adult and child CPR training with a single manikin. Light and easy to carry


Exclusive breathing system

Including a unique functional nose.


Jaw Thrust

Includes the jaw thrust maneuver.


AED Training

The pads leave no residue on the skin.



Audible clicker.


$235.00 SGD
SKU: MB-001B(AD)