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ColdRush Hard Hat Insert Blue

$37.00 SGD
SKU: 30151
UPC: 30151



ColdRush® personal cooling products from HexArmor®, made with eVapora™ technology, is a quick absorbing material which retains moisture and slowly allows it to evaporate, creating a cooling effect on the skin.

Made for high temperature work environments or extreme physical activity, ColdRush® will keep you and your workers cool all day long.


It’s like A/C for your hard hat.

It soaks up all the sweat, keeps it out of your eyes, and uses it to create a cooling effect.




  • eVapora™ cooling technology wicks away sweat
  • Mesh panels for targeted breathability
  • Flat seams for comfortable feel against your skin
  • Velcro® straps secure ColdRush® inside your hard hat
  • Lightweight
  • Machine wash, air dry
  • Unisex design, one size fits most                                                     


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