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Gre-Sol Universal Barrier Cream

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GRESOL Universal Barrier Cream is a general barrier cream which affords protection to people working in industries where the materials being handled are essentially dry.

It is a non-greasy cream having a soap base and exhibiting properties which give relief to personnel having sore and chapped skin.

It acts as a substitute for clothing in situations where gloves, aprons and face guards cannot be safely or conveniently used



  • Providing a barrier on skin to protect against harmful substances and compounds
  • Reduce the risk of abrasions, nourishes the skin and have a pleasant non-greasy feel
  • It acts as a substitute of clothing where personal protection equipment cannot be safely or conveniently used


Get protected in 3 simple steps:

Step 1:   Apply Gre-Sol Universal Barrier Cream onto exposed skin before work
Step 2:   Work while getting protected from irritants
Step 3:   Wash off cream with water / wipe off with dry towel, after work



Weight: 300gm