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Glove Clip Singapore
Glove Clip

The convenient way to hold on to your gloves, never worry about losing them again.

$8.00 SGD
universal barrier cream
Gre-Sol Universal Barrier Cream

Provides an effective barrier against grease and oils

$11.63 SGD
led armband safety light
Illuminated Flashing Armband

Panel lights up with the touch of a button and emits a bright red glow for added visibility.

$12.00 SGD
lens cleaning station
Lens Cleaning Station

Lens Cleaning Station provide instant access for all lens cleaning needs.

$75.00 SGD
Lens Cleaning Towelette singapore
Lens Cleaning Towelettes

Towelette Dispenser comes completely assembled and ready for use.

$23.00 SGD
metal free glove clip
Metal Free Glove Clip

This moulded glove clip is engineered using dielectric material, which is non-conductive, and non–corrosive. The large 20cm claw attached to most PPE and has a max strength of 6kg. The glove clip comes with a safety breakaway to prevent entanglement.

$7.20 SGD
Spectacle Cord
Spectacle Cord

Elasticated cord which adjusts to wearer’s preference. Universal holder to fit a large variety of spectacles temples.

$4.00 SGD
Back Support Belt
Support Belt

This high performance 8” wide belt design offers full support to the wearer. 

$42.00 SGD