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Flectalon Rescue Blanket

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Representing a breakthrough in lifesaving equipment, the SeaSafe Rescue Blanket is manufactured from the revolutionary new, ultra lightweight 'Flectalon' material.

Containing fine reflective fibres, 'Flectalon' is designed to reduce air movement and will insulate the user in the most extreme cold, even retaining its insulative qualities when wet.



  • Ultra lightweight
  • Insulates in even extreme cold conditions
  • Heavy duty lifting handles and integral straps
  • Maintains thermal integrity throughout the life of the garmet
  • Washable
  • Folds small for easy stowage


The extraordinary ability of 'Flectalon' to reflect body heat back makes it the ideal material for a rescue blanket and is especially suitable for anyone suffering from the effects of immersion hypothermia.

With heavy duty lifting handles and integral straps, this tough, durable blanket will fold into a small pack for easy stowage and the quilt construction will maintain thermal integrity throughout the life of the garment, even after repeated washing.



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