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Illuminated Flashing Armband

$12.00 SGD

This adjustable arm band with reflective panel is small and lightweight.

It offers convenient protection to its wearer.

Panel lights up with the touch of a button and emits a bright red glow for added visibility.

Full light and pulse settings.

Battery life of 80 hours. 

CR2032 battery, 3V.



  • CE certified
  • Adjustable straps for a secure fit
  • Bright, compact and lightweight
  • Panel lights up with touch of a button and emits a bright red glow for added visbility
  • Battery life of 80 hours
  • CR2032 battery, 3V


Material: ABS, LED, TPU, 35g

Color: Silver, High-Visibility Yellow

Size: One Size

CE, ROHS, EN 13356