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HexArmor Chrome Series Waterproof 4036 Gloves

$66.00 SGD - $84.00 SGD
SKU: 4036
UPC: 4036
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1 - 3 $74.00 SGD
4 - 7 $70.00 SGD
8+ $66.00 SGD

In volatile climates, temperatures can be as unpredictable as any workplace hazard; when the temperature takes a sharp drop, just add water and your hands are out of commission. 

So HexArmor® brought another defense to their most versatile mechanic’s glove.  The Chrome Series® delivers Hexarmor's proprietary Level 5 cut resistance and their advanced impact-protective design.  

When HexArmor® built the Chrome Series® Waterproof 4036, they added a layer of waterproof H2X™ liner, so there’s no need to fear frozen digits. HexArmor® also upped the versatility of the Chrome Series® by incorporating a layer of their TP-X® synthetic palm, so you retain exceptional grip, even in challenging conditions. 

HexArmor® knows you won’t back down from the elements, so HexArmor® made gloves that won’t either.




  • H2X™ liner creates a waterproof layer of defense against wet and cold hazards.
  • SuperFabric® brand material palm provides ISEA Level 5 cut resistance and maintains the highest level of protection available in the industry. (Interior layer)
  • Durable TP-X® palm utilizes the highest-level abrasion resistance while maintaining oil-resistant grip. (Exterior layer)
  • Superior back-of-hand impact protection system utilizes an advanced design to dissipate forceful blows over a large area.
  • Exterior seams implement a double stitched core-spun thread, adding further durability and longevity.
  • Hi-Vis color scheme increases visual awareness.
  • Machine washable




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