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HexArmor 2000 Series 2087 Gloves

$24.00 SGD - $33.00 SGD
SKU: 2087
UPC: 2087
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1 - 3 $28.00 SGD
4 - 7 $26.00 SGD
8+ $24.00 SGD

The secondary line of palm-coated gloves from HexArmor®, the 2000 Series™ is purpose built for an impressive range of applications. 

Each product in this series is constructed of fiber blend and unique palm coatings. 

Glove structures are durable, flexible, and cut resistant, offering both dexterity and safety. 

Varying palm dips increase abrasion resistance, extend product life, and provide the highest grip for many specific uses.


  • Shell is comprised of a 13-gauge high-performance polyethylene fiber and glass fiber blend.
  • Black foam nitrile palm dip increases abrasion resistance and provides exceptional grip in heavy oil and wet situations.
  • Machine washable.







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