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Anti Impact Cut Resistant 5 Glove - Nitrile
Anti Impact Cut Resistant 5 Glove - Nitrile

Combining comfort, grip, impact and cut resistance in a comfortable seamless liner. Flexible PVC impact pods for maximum durability. Reinforced thumb crotch. Suitable for heavy duty applications.

AS/NZS 2161 .2
AS/NZS 2161 .3
EN 388 (
EN 388 (
ANSI/ISEA 105 - 2011 Cut Level (4)
EN 420

$28.00 SGD
Anti Impact Grip Glove - Nitrile
Anti Impact Grip Glove

 The new generation of working gloves offering maximum grip with maximum impact protection. Abrasion resistant nitrile foam coating provides exceptional grip for water, grease and oil contact.  Lightweight and breathable seamless liner with Hook & Loop strap for secure fit all day long.

AS/NZS 2161 .3
AS/NZS 2161 .2
EN 388 (
ANSI/ISEA 105 - 2011 5.1.3 Abrasion Resistance (4)
EN 420

$26.00 SGD
Aqua-Seal Pro Glove
Aqua-Seal Pro Glove

The Aqua-Seal Pro is 100% waterproof and offers comprehensive protection for the hand against multiple hazards.

TPR protective pods across the back of the hand provides protection against impact risks to the hand.

A 100 gram Insulatex lining gives excellent thermal insulation properties.

AS/NZS 2161 .2
AS/NZS 2161 .3
AS/NZS 2161 .5
EN 388 (
ANSI/ISEA 105 - 2011 Abrasion Level (3)
EN 420
EN 511 (2.2.1.)

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HexArmor 4011 EXT Rescue™ GGT5 Gloves
HexArmor 4011 EXT Rescue™ GGT5 Gloves

 The EXT Rescue Series™ 4011 glove was purpose-built to protect hands during extrication and rescue operations. 

$78.00 SGD - $85.00 SGD
Hexarmor Chrome Series® 4024 Gloves
HexArmor Chrome Series 4024 Gloves
HexArmor® Chrome Series® gloves exceed ISEA Level 5 cut resistance, providing over 5000 grams of protection, 20 times the amount offered by a standard leather glove.
$62.00 SGD - $80.00 SGD
Hexarmor Chrome Series® 4026 Gloves
HexArmor Chrome Series 4026 Gloves

With Level 5 cut protection on the palm, and Hexarmor's advanced impact-protective system lining the back of the hand, the 4026 guards against the most prevalent worksite hazards without taking any of the flexibility and comfort you expect in a mechanic’s-style glove.

$60.00 SGD - $79.00 SGD
HexArmor Chrome Series® Cut 5 360° 4025 Gloves
HexArmor Chrome Series Cut 5 360 Degrees 4025 Gloves

The Chrome Series® Cut 5 360° 4025 is equipped with a full-hand layer of level 5 cut resistance, giving it the most extensive cut and industrial puncture defense system in the series.

$81.00 SGD - $99.00 SGD
Hexarmor Chrome Series® Waterproof 4036 Gloves
HexArmor Chrome Series Waterproof 4036 Gloves

The Chrome Series® delivers Hexarmor's proprietary Level 5 cut resistance with their advanced impact-protective design and added a layer of waterproof H2X™ liner, so there’s no need to fear frozen digits. 

$66.00 SGD - $84.00 SGD
HexArmor EXT Rescue Chrome 4012 Gloves, Rescue Gloves
HexArmor EXT Rescue Chrome 4012 Gloves

With its lightweight design, and maximum dexterity combined with cut, puncture, and impact protection, the 4012 is capable of handling any call to action.

$67.00 SGD - $74.00 SGD
HexArmor EXT Rescue® Chrome Anti-Debris 4013 Gloves
HexArmor EXT Rescue Chrome Anti-Debris 4013 Gloves

The 4013 gives you ISEA Level 5 cut-resistance on the palm, keeping you protected from threatening sharp edges. HexArmor®  also added an anti-debris SlipFit® cuff, for rapid on and off between missions. 

$71.00 SGD - $89.00 SGD
HexArmor EXT Rescue® Barrier 4014 Gloves
HexArmor EXT Rescue Chrome Barrier 4014 Gloves

The 4014 is comfortable, highly-protective, and meets OSHA requirements for bloodborne pathogen resistance. It’s made with SuperFabric® brand material in the palm, giving you Level 5 cut and puncture resistance, so you can handle broken glass and twisted metal with confidence. 

$82.50 SGD - $100.50 SGD
HexArmor GGT5® Mud 4020X Gloves
HexArmor GGT5 4020X Gloves

The 4020X is ideal for the specific needs of the oil and gas industry including maintenance, rig and site operations and focusing on the major injury points including finger pinching, severe cuts, abrasions and crushing injuries.

$75.00 SGD - $93.00 SGD
Hexarmor GGT5® Mud 4021X Gloves
HexArmor GGT5 Mud 4021X Gloves

The 4021X maximizes protection while providing comfort, grip, puncture protection and dexterity in the toughest environments including the oil/gas industry, drilling, tool pushing, extrication, heavy construction, and mining. 

$79.00 SGD - $97.00 SGD
HexArmor Hex1® Ultimate Impact 2130 Gloves
HexArmor Hex1 Ultimate Impact 2130 Gloves

Designed for light industrial applications, the Hex1® 2130 is the ideal choice for companies looking for a go-to general work glove.

$47.00 SGD - $55.00 SGD
HexArmor Rig Lizard® 2021 Gloves
HexArmor Rig Lizard 2021 Gloves

The Rig Lizard® sets a new precedent for oil, gas, and mining safety gloves. HexArmor's advanced TP-X® technology combines the unmistakable grip advantages of a synthetic palm with the scientific innovation that made HexArmor® the thought leader in PPE development.

$51.00 SGD - $69.00 SGD