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chemtherm glove singapore
Chemtherm Glove

Introducing the ultimate chemical resistant gauntlet which protects in cold harsh environments. This glove has a fleece lining for superior comfort. The double dipping produces a rough palm finish enabling a superior grip in wet and oily environments.

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Hexarmor Chrome Series® Waterproof 4036 Gloves
HexArmor Chrome Series Waterproof 4036 Gloves

The Chrome Series® delivers Hexarmor's proprietary Level 5 cut resistance with their advanced impact-protective design and added a layer of waterproof H2X™ liner, so there’s no need to fear frozen digits. 

$66.00 SGD - $84.00 SGD
HexArmor Rig Lizard® Arctic® 2023 Gloves
HexArmor Rig Lizard Arctic 2023 Gloves

The Rig Lizard Arctic® 2023 provides the greatest comfort and range of motion you will get from a thermal rig and mining glove. 

$65.00 SGD - $83.00 SGD
Cow Grain Leather Gloves
Lined Driver Glove

Premium quality lined leather drivers glove with Thinsulate™ lining for added warmth and comfort.

$33.00 SGD - $35.00 SGD
Mechanix Wear ORHD Thermal Knit CR3A3 Gloves
Mechanix Wear ORHD Thermal Knit CR3A3 Gloves

The ORHD® Thermal Knit goes to work in cold conditions to keep working hands warm in the oil field or offshore during drilling operations.

$42.00 SGD
Safety Impact Glove Singapore
Safety Impact Glove Lined

Supreme protection, heavy multi-function glove with advanced impact proof technology.

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Thermo Pro Ultra
Thermo Pro Ultra Gloves

Using innovative technology this glove repels water and heavy oils. Liquid placed on this glove rolls off, protecting the underlying surface. The twin liner traps heat and allows breathability. Sandy palm finish gives improved grip.

AS/NZS 2161 .2
AS/NZS 2161 .3
AS/NZS 2161 .5
EN 420
EN 388 (
EN 511 (X.3.1)

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Wintershield Glove
Wintershield Glove

A durable and comfortable thermal glove, the Wintershield is fleece lined and made from the most hi-tech man made leather in the textile industry, ensuring maximum comfort and warmth for the wearer.

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