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Foldable Stretcher (NRS-FS-1C)

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The Apache Safety Foldable Stretcher NRS-FS-1C comes with 4 mini stands which allows the stretcher to be kept elevated while transferring  the patient onto the stretcher.

Made of heavy-duty aluminium alloy frames and heavy-duty, vinyl-coated nylon covers,  the Foldable Stretcher NRS-FS-1C is lightweight, sturdy and easy to use.

Each Stretcher comes with two quick-release patient restraints

The Apache Safety Foldable Stretcher NRS-FS-1C can be folded up for easy storage and transport.

Dimensions (when opened):  1850×500×50mm

Dimensions (when folded):      930×520×60mm

Weight: 3kg

Max load: 139kg


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